At the age of 20 Daniel McCloskey graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a BA in fiction writing. At the age of 21 he founded the Cyberpunk Apocalypse Writers' Co-op which combines a writing residency program and a community space in order to support burgeoning writers.

Daniel McCloskey has done cover illustration for Six Gallery Press, Olly Olly Oxen Free game zine, and the Cyberpunk Apocalypse publication. He had a weekly three panel comic in the University of Pittsburgh's college newspaper, and has a two page comic that will be in the next Shrunken Wool anthology by TwoFold Comics.

His writing has appeared in Urban Velo Issue #5, Cyberpunk Apocalypse Issue 1: an intellectual property, and an upcoming sex anthology edited by local poet Nikki Allen.

He currently resides at the Cyberpunk Apocalypse Writers' Co-op where he works to maintain the project, polish his first novel, and does freelance work.