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House Stuff

Don't Come Back *NEW*

Don't Come Back

Nate McDonoughs new graphic novel Don't Come Back is a ride throught drippy surieality and gory truth.

If you would like to give a book as a gift, just make sure we get the recipient's address. Price:$12.

Cyberpunk Apocalypse zine of the month club

Zine of the Month Club

Join the Cyberpunk Apocalypse Zine of the month club. Get a new zine every month made by the Cyberpunk Apocalites and our friends. Like the Andromeda Comic Anthology, or Kerbloom, or whatever we just made that month like the newest Cyberpunk Apocalypse Publication! Plus bonus junk like letters, drawings, or letterpressed cards! WIZZOWW

If you would like to give a subscription as a gift, just make sure we get the recipient's address.

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Cyberpunk Apocalypse Issue 1 an intelectual property

Cyberpunk Apocalypse Issue 1: an Intellectual Property

Issue 1 is upbeat, and packed with goodness. Essays on intellectual property, physical property, philanthropy, education, and more. We have how-tos that are practical and impractical plus a rant on steampunk all wrapped in a silk-screened cover. What more could you want? Price: $6.

Cyberpunk Apocalypse Issue 2 pornopticon

Cyberpunk Apocalypse Issue 2: the Pornopticon

In the winter of 2009 someone said it: "I can't write sex scenes." Everyone looked up from their laptops and mumbled commiseration. And so it was done. Three months' worth of erotic fiction writing coalesced in the tiny book of smut you see here. It's jam packed with an array of perversion for you to enjoy. Price: $3.

Cyberpunk Apocalypse Issue 3 the man hates us

Cyberpunk Apocalypse Issue III: the man hates us

When the G20 came to Pittsburgh a hundred cops came to us. And at 2 am with guns and flashlights pointed at our weary writers, we realized the man hates us. This book contains a more dismal view of the world. Essays an stories about cops and oppression, and some about the G20. The book opens with Daniel McCloskey's experience being woken that early morning by armed men in black uniforms, and closes with a story about Zombies at a Wal*Martesque superstore. Square-bound with a letterpress and spray paint cover, it is truly an excellent addition to any shelf. Price: $6.


Kerbloom subscription

One-Year Subscription to Ker-bloom!

Receive an issue of Ker-bloom! delivered directly to your mailbox hot off the press every other month for an entire year. Get some letterpress handiwork and keep up on the doings of our resident letterpress printer. If you would like to give a subscription as a gift, just make sure we get the recipient's address.

New Kerbloom

Recent Issue of Ker-bloom!

Want a sample of what letterpress literary goodness Artnoose is cooking up? You will get whichever issue is hot off the press. Price: $3.

Danny Mac

A zine about billy by Danny Mac

A Zine About Billy

A mini-zine that documents the 5 years Dan spent writing his new novel A Film About Billy. It includes getting his first zine, getting the fuck out of high school, living in Tokyo, and starting the Cyberpunk Apocalypse Writiers' Co-op in Pittsburgh PA. It's got a lot of typos and is proud of it. Worth a read. Price: $1.

Siamese Grandson and other stories

Siamese Grandson and Other Stories

A Collection of Dan's Short Comics, with an excerpt from his upcoming novel. Price:


A zine about billy by Gunner

Galloping Mountain

In this charming tale of an American city, four young white privileged acquaintances each quietly enjoy an inner life invaded intermittently by extraterrestrials. Little do they know, they have been chosen to bear a new mystery of God, while behind the curtain of space-time rages a bible bowl that threatens to be the ultimate bible bowl! Price: $10 + $2 shipping.

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